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How To Plant And Care For Your Tree


Dig your hole approximately 4” larger than your tree ball.
*Do not cut burlap, string, or basket off of your tree. All of our materials are biodegradable and these things help to stabilize your tree in the beginning. *If your tree is tied with nylon string you do need to remove it from the tree.


Roll your tree into the hole and make sure it sits about 1-2”, from the top of the tree ball, above the ground.


Push dirt back into the rest of the hole.
*Make sure you chop the dirt up as you put it back in to avoid any air pockets in the dirt.


Then you will need to water your tree. Water by placing your hose around the rootball where you chopped the dirt. Put it on as slow of a drip as you can. Let it sit there and run until the water begins to bubble up.


Place mulch 2-3” in depth around your tree to finish off the process.
*Be sure to not put any mulch on the trunk of the tree.

Long Term:

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Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday: 8am - 12pm
Saturday by Appointment Only

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