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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I leave the basket and burlap on the tree when planting?

We recommend that you leave the root ball intact when planting.  All of our packaging materials are bio-degradable and will not hinder the growth of the tree.

How close to my house can I plant a tree?

Most trees should be planted at least 15’ from any obstacle (i.e. house, sidewalk, other trees, power lines, roads).  Shade trees require more room than ornamental trees.  If you are installing trees for a windbreak or for privacy they can be planted closer.

How much should I water?

You should water 1 time per week. Water your tree by laying hose directly on the tree base, allow a slow stream of water to soak into the tree-ball for 15-20 minutes.

How much will my tree grow in a year?

This all depends on if you buy a slow growing or fast growing tree.  It also depends on the conditions your tree experiences.

In the first year there is no growth.  In the second year the tree will begin growing and the third year the tree will start growing at a normal rate.  The normal growth rate for most trees is 1” per year.

How much will the tree weigh?

A 2.0” tree with a 24” root ball will weigh approximately 200lbs.

A 3.0” tree with a 30” root ball will weigh approximately 500lbs.

How tall will my 2.0” shade tree be?

A 2.0” shade tree is usually between 8-12’. However, an ornamental tree will be closer 6-10’ tall.

Should I stake my trees?

Staking your tree is not necessary unless you are placing your tree in an area that is subject to high winds.

What do I bring if I am picking up trees?

We do offer delivery and planting services but if you plan on picking the tree up yourself we recommend bringing a large tarp to cover the top of the tree.  Also call ahead and make sure your truck or trailer is large enough for your load.

What do I do about pesticides?

We spray our trees three times per year to insure that your tree is bug free. We recommend that you do the same until the tree is established.

What do I do if my tree doesn’t look healthy?

Please call us ASAP if at any point you notice your tree is not looking healthy.  We will be glad to address any concerns you may have.

When is the best time to plant?

It is best to plant from fall to spring while your tree is dormant. When your tree is dormant it will have an easier time acclimating itself to the new environment.


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