Bald Cypress – Starter


The Bald Cypress adapts well to wet or dry areas. It is a deciduous conifer which means it will lose its leaves and it is cone bearing. This tree will be a beautiful rusty orange in the fall.

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This is a starter tree, we would normally let these grow for 3-5 years before they would reach a maturity level that would be recognizable. They will be an investment in your future landscaping!

The Bald Cypress is a pyramidal tree that does well in swampy areas.  It has also proved to be able to withstand dry areas but when you find it in wetlands you will notice the base of the trunk will flare out.  The trunk flare is a very recognizable characteristic of this tree but this will only occur if the tree is in wet areas most of the year.  The foliage is two ranked alternating and they are a medium to pale green.   In the fall the leaves will turn a rusty orange.  This tree will grow to be 55′ tall with a spread of 30′.

Best Uses:
Grows in wet and dry areas.

Additional information


Height: 55 ft
Spread: 30 ft
Growth: Medium


Zone: 4 to 10
Sun: Full
Moisture: Adaptable


Foliage: medium green
Fall Color: rusty orange
Shape: Pyramidal
Fruit: 1" inch long, oval

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