Blackgum – Starter


The Blackgum is a slow growing shade tree.  It is native to Missouri and can produce fruit which is sour, but attractive to birds and wildlife.

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This is a starter tree, we would normally let these grow for 3-5 years before they would reach a maturity level that would be recognizable. They will be an investment in your future landscaping!

The Blackgum is notable for its small, greenish flowers that are an excellent nectar source for bees. The flowers produce oval, 1/2″ long, dark blue fruits which are attractive to birds and wildlife, but quite sour. In the fall, the leaves turn a beautiful scarlet color

Best Uses:
The Blackgum is an excellent ornamental shade tree. This is a slow growing tree that is best grown in average, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. It can tolerates poorly-drained soils and can grow in standing water, however, it can still tolerate some drought.

Additional information


Height: 30-50 ft
Spread: 20-30 ft
Growth: Slow


Zone: 3 to 9
Sun: Full to part shade
Moisture: Medium to wet


Foliage: Dark to pale green
Fall Color: Scarlet
Shape: Rounded crown

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