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Bur Oak

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The bur oak is notable for being strong and long living. It produces acorns that are great food for wildlife.

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The bur oak is notable for being strong and long living.  It produces acorns that are great food for wildlife. 

The Bur Oak is a splendid tree for urban areas because it strong, long living, and a great source of food for wildlife.  This is a very dense shade tree that is slow-growing but is known to have a longevity of 200-300 years.

It can adapt to various soils and moisture.  The bur oak requires full sun exposure.

Best Uses:
Urban setting

Additional information


Height: 70-80 ft
Spread: 80 ft
Growth: Slow


Zone: 3 to 8
Sun: Full
Moisture: Moist, well-drained


Foliage: dark green
Fall Color: yellow to yellow/brown
Shape: broadly oval, irregular and open
Flower: Catkin, male: yellow/green, female: reddish
Bloom: April-May
Fruit: acorn, brown

Tree Size

1.5 inch caliper, 2 inch caliper, 2.5 inch caliper, 3 inch caliper, 3.5 inch caliper, 4 inch caliper, 5 inch caliper, 6 inch caliper


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