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Shade Trees

Chinkapin Oak

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The Chinkapin Oak is a white oak.  It is easy to grow and maintain.

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The Chinkapin Oak is a white oak.  It is easy to grow and maintain.

The Chinkapin Oak is a great shade tree. It is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun. It has relatively good drought tolerance but it may take years to develop the first crop of acorns.

It produces small brown acorns.

Best Uses:
Growing in full sun and being able to tolerate various soils this tree is great for almost any landscape.

Additional information


Height: 40 -60 ft
Spread: 50 – 70 ft
Growth: Fast


Zone: 5 to 7
Sun: Full
Moisture: Dry to Medium


Foliage: Green
Fall Color: Yellow and Brown
Shape: Open globular crown
Fruit: Small oval acorns
Bloom: April-May
Fruit: large broad, rounded acorn

Tree Size

1.5 inch caliper, 2 inch caliper, 2.5 inch caliper, 3 inch caliper, 3.5 inch caliper, 4 inch caliper, 5 inch caliper, 6 inch caliper


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