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Treatment Service

Treatment Service

Treatment Service

Evergreen Winterization

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The main cause of winter damage to trees and shrubs is through desiccation or drying out. When the ground freezes, plant roots are unable to take up water from the soil, so they quickly begin to use up all the water stored in their leaves and stems. This is very damaging, particularly to evergreen trees and shrubs that don’t protect themselves by dropping their leaves in winter. Anti-desiccants are products that can be applied to evergreen trees and shrubs to help hold in moisture through the winter. At the same time,9 roots and internal cell structures are developing. Providing an acidic based root stimulator and bio-stimulant increases winter protection and allows for a healthy, beautiful spring start. We have developed a great fall application that provides protection from desiccation while providing key nutrients for overall health and stress reduction.

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