October Glory Maple


The October Glory Maple is a fast growing maple that has beautiful red leaves in the fall that last several weeks.

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The red maple cultivar ‘October Glory’ features bright red to orange fall color during November, lasting several weeks. This is generally the last of red maple cultivars to color up in the fall. The newly emerging leaves and red flowers and fruits are a harbinger of spring.

The October Glory Maple has an oval to rounded shape and is a fast grower with strong wood, reaching a height of 40’ to 50’ with a mature width of 25’ to 35’ bearing an oval, rounded shape. Glistening dark green leaves are arranged in an opposite fashion. Leaves are ovate in shape and 2” to 4” long.

Best Uses:
The October Glory tree can grow in partial shade though it prefers full sun. This species can tolerate acidic conditions and extended periods of soil flooding.

Additional information


Height: 45 ft
Spread: 35 ft
Growth: Medium to fast


Zone: 4-7
Sun: Full
Moisture: moist


Tree: Small lot suitable, flowering
Foliage: dark green
Fall Color: deep red
Shape: rounded
Flower: Tiny red
Bloom: spring

Tree Size

1.5 inch caliper, 2 inch caliper, 2.5 inch caliper, 3 inch caliper, 3.5 inch caliper, 4 inch caliper, 5 inch caliper, 6 inch caliper


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