Swamp White Oak – Starter


The swamp white oak is a medium sized, deciduous tree with a broad, rounded crown and a short trunk. You will find this tree in lowlands in moist swampy locations.

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This is a starter tree, we would normally let these grow for 3-5 years before they would reach a maturity level that would be recognizable. They will be an investment in your future landscaping!

The swamp white oak is a medium-sized tree with moderate growth.  It has a rounded open shape and grows to be 45′ tall and has a spread of 45′.   It will thrive in very wet soils that do not drain well, however this tree does have some drought resistance.   The leaves are bicolor and are a dark shiny green on top with a silvery bottom.

Best Uses:
Growing in full to partial shade this tree will do best in moist swampy locations.

Additional information


Height: 50-60 ft
Spread: 50-60 ft
Growth: slow to medium


Zone: 3 to 8
Sun: Full
Moisture: Medium to wet


Foliage: green with wavy margins
Fall Color: yellow brown to reddish
Shape: rounded open
Flower: green, yellow catkins
Bloom: April Fruit: Acorn

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